After making the first appointment in our office, please download the appropriate new patient forms. Please fill them out in the comfort of your home and bring them to your first visit. 

Adult Patient Form     Child Patient Form

The goal of the first visit is to gather information about the condition of your spine and nerve system.  Here you will receive a thorough examination and consultation.  Your examination will include testing with the Insight Millennium to detect and measure the nerve interference involved with vertebral subluxation. In many cases x-rays are taken to confirm examination findings, further evaluate posture, and to evaluate the extent of spinal damage caused by subluxation. 

Before your next visit, Dr. Lauer will evaluate your examination, Insight Millennium scans, and x-ray findings. 

On the second visit, Dr. Lauer shares your clinical findings with you.  You will learn what is wrong, how chiropractic care can help, and how long it may take to reach each clinical milestone. 

As a family chiropractic practice, we take great pride in patient education.  An educated practice member is better equipped to make an informed health decision for themselves, and their family.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding your health or our practice.

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