Did you know that Dr. Lauer speaks to any size group or organization?

The Four Facets of Wellness

  • The Family Chiropractic Lifestyle
  • Genetics, Lifestyle, and Health: Nutrition
  • Genetics, Lifestyle, and Health: Fitness
  • Genetics, LIfestyle, and Health: Emotional Health

Performance Classes

  • Chiropractic and Sports Performance
  • Boosting Your Immune System

Condition Based Classes

  • Arthritis - Stop, Prevent, or Reverse It
  • ADD and Ritalin - What Every Parent Should Know
  • Childhood Ear Infections - The Cause, The Truth, The Correction
  • Headaches - Eliminating Headaches - The Drug Free Truth Revealed
  • Lower Back Pain - Incredible, Drug Free, Non-Surgical Solution

Please contact our office for scheduling and available times.

As a public service, we also participate in public health screenings at health fairs, gyms, and for small groups.

Please contact our office for more information

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